Can Jesus use you to heal today? 10 questions answered

Episode Summary

Let's look at the healing ministry of Jesus and our role today as His Followers. 10 questions. Let's answer them. This show is JAM-PACKED with content! Get your mind right.

Episode Notes

  1. Do you believe that healings happen today?
  2. Why does Jesus heal?
  3. How does Jesus heal?
  4. What's the common denominator among his healings in Scripture?
  5. Does lack of faith block a healing?
  6. Does Jesus heal all?
  7. What's our role today?
  8. Why do we get to heal?
  9. How do we get to heal?
  10. How do we pray for healing?

Go here to see all the scripture I refer to about Jesus' healings: Can Jesus use you to heal today? 10 Questions Answered [podcast] – Christian Men’s Health (